About S+Co

More than just a play on words, Serotonin + Co. was founded with a vision in mind: increasing awareness of the importance of mental health.

A brief neuroscience lesson:

Serotonin aka “the happy chemical,” is a neurotransmitter that contributes to a person’s well-being and happiness. While it’s ideal to have a healthy balance, sometimes our brains don’t produce enough serotonin causing depression and anxiety.

Young adults are being affected the most with mental health issues according to the American Psychological Association. Of course, we wondered…why? Why have mental health issues spiked? Are there too many cultural changes to keep up with? Are we not getting enough sleep? Are we using our phones too much? While we don’t have the answers to these questions, we believe we can start reaching solutions by having conversations.

Our mission is to make products that make you happy while also diving into finding ways to help individuals keep up with their mental hygiene.